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Packaged Solutions

Weights and Measures: over 100K in savings with a Coriolis solution

September 21, 2021

The challenge: filling and measurement

Our client, a beverage producer, was facing regulatory and logistic challenges when it came to shipping bulk product.

The trucks were filled using a volumetric flowmeter, then driven to a weighing station 10 km away to comply with Weights and Measures Canada regulations. Since every filling involved transporting the tanker off-site, this process was not only time-consuming but also costly since a scale operator needed to be present, even for weekend fillings.

Worse, harsh Quebec winters meant that the scale could freeze and become unreliable or stop working altogether. Realizing the extra expense, our client saw an opportunity to optimize their filling process.

Exploring a solution 

Sourcing a scale to use on-site was deemed too expensive and did not solve the winter challenges: other than the space necessary for the installation, buying a scale would have required an operator and a monthly maintenance budget. With an estimated minimum cost of  $150 000 for the project, our client went in search of alternative solutions. 

After meeting with our client, our team came up with an engineered solution adapted to both regulatory requirements and Québec’s harsh winters. The system, which revolves around Emerson’s Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis Flowmeter, includes a custom-selected controller and transmitter and all the components required to accurately measure while filling as well as prevent overfilling when the right weight is reached, all while guaranteeing regulatory compliance. Providing a packaged solution meant supporting our client’s project from beginning to final inspection to secure approval of the system by Measurement Canada.


The impact

Laurentide’s client-centric approach was instrumental in coming up with a packaged solution that goes beyond simple product supply. This solution also proved to be economical: we estimate that our client saved over $100 000 for the first year of operating the system  compared to the purchase, installation and operation of a tanker scale.

Our client also gained in efficiency since the measurement system is used in-line while filling the tanker, with no extra steps after filling, scale upkeep or scale operators. In the end, our client got to improve their processes, save money, reduce their carbon footprint and keep up with their regulatory obligations.