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Sustainability - ESG

The 2023 annual ESG report is now available

Since the launch of our first Greenprints statement in 2023, we have continued to increase our positive impact on the world around us and within our own organization.
Steve Dustin, Eng, Laurentide Controls CEO

Laying the groundwork for a sustainable future

This first report is a crucial step in our approach to integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles at Laurentide.

It demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability by providing an authentic account of our ESG journey.

Throughout the document, we highlight our approach to fully incorporating ESG considerations into our decision-making process, creating a positive long-term impact.

Consult the report
We are also strengthening our commitment to social responsibility, toward both our employees and partners, and as a corporate citizen.
Michel Portelance, Eng., Vice President of Strategic Growth and Marketing

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