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LaurentidePRO™ Connect LaurentidePRO™ Connect
As industrial environments continue to evolve, the need for advanced technology becomes more and more apparent. LaurentidePRO™ Connect addresses this need, providing connectivity, visibility, and security in a comprehensive package. 

LaurentidePRO™ Connect is a secure platform that allows our service and support teams to assist you remotely, improving response times and reducing both travel time and associated risk. They also provide greater visibility into all processes and operations, allowing for more accurate data analysis and informed decision making.

LaurentidePRO™ Connect uses cloud-based technologies to provide secure remote connectivity for a variety of systems, including SCADA, DeltaV™, Spartakus Technologies™, AMS Device Manager, AMS Machinery Manager and many others.
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Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

- Real-time system access for on-demand and remote "integrated services" work
- Reduced impact of emergencies and increased machine availability and productivity
- Optimization of team workloads
- Reduce logistics costs and travel time
- Secure and reliable connection through robust technology separate from your systems and network 
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