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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Monitoring of Compressors: An Investment in Safety and Operational Continuity That Pays for Itself in Less Than a Year

May 1, 2024

The Challenge

A global leader in the production of industrial gases was facing a major challenge regarding the monitoring of its essential reciprocating compressors. Previous failures had led to costly unexpected shutdowns, both from a production and maintenance standpoint.The presence of hydrogen made the operation of these compressors conducive to conditions that could trigger explosions, thus turning any malfunction into a risk for the environment and safety.


The Need for a Predictive Solution

Aware of the stakes, our client was looking for a solution that allowed for continuous predictive monitoring of this critical equipment to anticipate failures, minimize production interruptions, and consequently, reduce associated costs. It was in this context that they turned to our expertise.


The Strategy Implemented

Our response to this request was to provide a tailor-made solution for the continuous monitoring of the compressors. We proposed the installation of the AMS 6500 system, capable of monitoring vibrations, positioning, and temperature of the equipment. This advanced technology allows for the detection of any deviation from optimal and safe parameters, generating early alerts in case of a risk of failure.


A Successful Partnership

Thanks to our recognized expertise in the field of vibrations and asset monitoring, as well as our local support, we were able to offer a complete solution including temperature probes, Emerson transmitters, and a personalized monitoring service by Laurentide.


Tangible Results

Prevention and Performance: Since the project's launch at the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023, our system has detected 2 to 3 critical anomalies that could have led to production shutdowns and repair costs exceeding the total project investment, thus demonstrating its value in less than a year.


This collaboration with our client is a compelling example of how a proactive approach and the use of advanced technologies can transform risk management and predictive maintenance into opportunities for savings and safety improvement.