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Laurentide formally commits to sustainability with its first published statement

February 23, 2023
Laurentide has been focused on achieving our Purpose of Helping Industry Thrive in Eastern Canada since 1968. While we have always done so with consideration to the environment, social impact, and good governance practices, we are pleased to formalize these aspects in our newly developed ESG framework.
​Steve Dustin, President and CEO
We are proud to release our first Sustainability statement. 

As we took the necessary steps to uncover our current operating procedures and create a strategy for improvement, we gained invaluable knowledge. We now have clarity on a sustainable course of action thanks to fresh insights about our processes and programmes, and we are eager to start working towards our objectives.

Because we are putting out the fundamental strategies for our company’s future with sustainability, we called this declaration «Greenprints.»

The statement includes:
  • ESG Strategy and Message from President
  • Our Sustainability Framework
  • Environment, Social and Governance Greenprints
  • Our values for our community and planet as well as the road ahead
This statement, intended as a starting point for our ESG framework, is expected to be followed in June by Laurentide's first sustainability report. We intend to share data on our emissions, additional insights into the work and initiatives of each ESG committee, highlights of customer projects, the effects of our new hybrid work-from-home policy, and much more.

Read the full statement here.